And we thought the metro Denver area was bad
Thu Mar 15 2018

NerdWallet recently calculated affordability for 173 metropolitan areas by comparing the median annual household in ...

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Mortgage Rates at a Four-Year High Threaten To Pop the Denver and National Housing Bubble
Fri Mar 09 2018

Historically, there is little correlation between the level of the increases that recently have occurred with m ...

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Average price of a home in the Denver area now passes a cool half-million
Thu Mar 08 2018

The average price of a single-family home sold in the metro Denver area passed $500,000, up 11.8% from the previ ...

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Lumber shortage adding fuel to the home prices fire
Tue Mar 06 2018

The biggest driver of the increase in home prices post-The Great Financial Crisis is the shortage homes. Builder ...

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The Denver, Aurora-Lakewood market is the 7th hottest market in the country
Mon Mar 05 2018

According to, the Denver, Aurora-Lakewood market is the 9th hottest market in the country. Some of ...

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January Pending Home Sales at Lowest Level Since 2010
Fri Mar 02 2018

Pending home sales in January 2018 fell by 4.7% versus a 0.5% expected increase in sales. This is the largest de ...

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January '18 New Home Sales Down 7.8%
Tue Feb 27 2018

Going into January 2018 there was some optimism that new home sales nationwide would rally from December 2017 wh ...

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