New Home Sales Drop for Third Straight Month
Fri Mar 23 2018

New home sales were expected to bounce back from the January 2018 decline of 7.8% but dropped 0.6% in February 2018. ...

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Spotlight: 11568 Depew Ct, Westminster, CO 80020
Thu Mar 22 2018

One of the things we do on this blog is spotlight certain houses for sales and offer our commentary. 11568 Depew Ct i ...

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The Bubble Blows Bigger! Median National Home Price up 5.9% in February '18
Wed Mar 21 2018

After two straight months of downward sloping data, existing homes sales rose 1.1% in February 2018. Median home pric ...

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Tips and Trips Used by Real Estate Agents to Get the Best Deal - For Their Homes
Tue Mar 20 2018

In the Wall Street Street Journal last week, they had a puff piece for the real estate industry called, How Real-E ...

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More on the Housing Supply Shortage, Almost at Crisis Levels
Mon Mar 19 2018

Another insightful article from the Wall Street Journal echoing a theme we have been harping on, a massive shortage o ...

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Leading Indicators Housing Starts and Permits Flashing Red
Fri Mar 16 2018

Two of the biggest leading indicators were down in February. Housing starts were down 7.0% versus down 2.7% expected, ...

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And we thought the metro Denver area was bad
Thu Mar 15 2018

NerdWallet recently calculated affordability for 173 metropolitan areas by comparing the median annual household income ...

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Mortgage Rates at a Four-Year High Threaten To Pop the Denver and National Housing Bubble
Fri Mar 09 2018

Historically, there is little correlation between the level of the increases that recently have occurred with mortga ...

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Average price of a home in the Denver area now passes a cool half-million
Thu Mar 08 2018

The average price of a single-family home sold in the metro Denver area passed $500,000, up 11.8% from the previous y ...

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Could Spring 2018 have some of the weakest homes sales data in years?
Wed Mar 07 2018

The Wall Street Journal in an article titled Spring Home Sales Could Be the Weakest in Years (behind a paywall ...

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