Back From Dead! How Subprime Became Nonprime Mortgages Forgetting the Lessons of the Global Financial Crisis
Fri Apr 13 2018

Our old friend, who many blame for the Global Financial Crisis, is back from the dead. Subprime mortgages aka home lo ...

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Facebook Made Me Do It (Or How I Stop Worrying and Became Over Leveraged and Bought My First House)
Wed Apr 11 2018

We often take a serious view on things at this blog, pounding home stats about the limited inventory of houses in the ...

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Debt Becomes Them, How Rising Home Prices Are Drowning Home buyers in Debt
Tue Apr 10 2018

Rising home prices are causing new home buyers to go deeper and deeper into debt. According to a recent article by th ...

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The San Franciscans Are Coming! The San Franciscans Are Coming (to Denver)!
Mon Apr 09 2018

We here at this blog focus on the metro Denver area where we have zeroed in on the low supply of houses as being the ...

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Colorado Is In the Top 5 of Unaffordable Places Based on Income and Average Home Prices
Fri Apr 06 2018 recently calculated how much income is needed to afford the average house in each state. Our home state o ...

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Metro Denver Condos Have a Worrying Current Days on Market Trend
Thu Apr 05 2018

We here at this blog typically focus on the (detached) single family housing market. With the new data for March 2018 ...

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Metro Denver Spring Selling Season Starts with A High Speed Fastball!
Wed Apr 04 2018

The spring home-selling circus has begun and it has come in like a lion! The average price for a new home sold was up ...

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Top 10 Cities to Sell a Home, Guess Which Metro Denver City was #1!
Tue Apr 03 2018

SmartAsset recently published a list of the top places in which to sell a home. Seven out of ten were located in Cali ...

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Are Americans Making Houses ATMs Again? Cash Out Refinances at Loftiest Level Since 2008
Mon Apr 02 2018

With interests rates rising, pushing up mortgage rates, mortgage refinances activities have dropped to low levels. Th ...

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February'18 Shows Rising Prices and Inventory Levels for Metro Denver Area
Fri Mar 30 2018

According to a report published by The Denver Metro Association of Realtors, article summary here there was so ...

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