Housing Starts, Permits Drop Nationwide In September, Glimmer Of Hope In Denver’s Home Region, The West
Wed Oct 17 2018

Housing starts resumed their fall in September nationwide, dropping by 5.3% despite a downward revision to August's i ...

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The Mainstream Media is Slowly Coming on Board with Our Predictions: Denver Real Estate Slowdown
Tue Sep 11 2018

The mainstream media is slowing coming on board with our predictions that we have been making since ...

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Flooding Housing Inventory Causing US Western Region Housing Starts To Tumbled 19.6% Month over Month in July
Thu Aug 16 2018

Nationwide in June housing starts were down 12.9%, they rebounded a little in July to up 0.9% but ...

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Housing Market Continues To Stumble
Thu Jul 26 2018

June continued the summer of blues fo ...

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Thoughts on the Denver Housing Bubble
Tue Jul 17 2018

Joe Rubino from DollarCollapse.com \argues Read More

Another Positive Sign For Denver Home Buyers: Inventory of Homes For Sale up 15.5% in June From Prior Month.
Tue Jul 10 2018

There were many signs the housing market in the metro Denver area is cooling. First, home prices were up only 1.05% ...

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Good News For Denver Home Buyers Looking to Wait While the Bubble Burst, Rents Growth Are Slowing
Fri Jun 29 2018

Denver's homebuyers have been facing a very tough buying market for the past few years. But there is some relief if t ...

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