Housing Inventory Hits ’19 High, But Single-Family Sold Home Price Hits Record of $553,371. Should Bears Give Up?
Mon May 13 2019

Only one word to describe the April ’19 DMAR housing stats: Up. Month over month, prices in t ...

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April Rents Increase Continues to Outpace Rest of Nation, Metro Denver Desperately Needs More Housing Supply
Wed May 01 2019

Metro Denver rents have increased 0.2% month over month and 2% year over year. Metro Denver r ...

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Will Rising Gasoline Prices Be The Nail That Pops The Denver Real Estate Bubble?
Mon Apr 01 2019

Early spring and summer are usually a season of rising prices for gasoline. However, this sea ...

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National Price Growth Lowest Since September 2012, Denver’s Home Prices Lagging Behind the US Average
Wed Mar 27 2019

March data has been rough. Housing Starts were down almost 9% month over month in March and th ...

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Bubble Has Burst! Metro Denver Median Sales Prices down 6% from June 2018 High!
Tue Feb 19 2019

After predicting these for a year since we have started blogging we are seeing the bubble fina ...

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Shutdown or Collapse? Denver Sold Homes Down 30% Month over Month
Tue Feb 05 2019

Month over month, prices in the Denver Metro area started to weaken again, by 1.25% for median ...

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