Neighborhood Inscope

Denver's Least Expensive Neighborhoods: #4 Ruby Hill

By Dr Denver H. Bubble

Wed May 16 2018

5280 Denver's Mile High Magazine recently released a list of the four most affordable neighborhoods in the Denver area. We spoke about the most affordable neighborhood on Wednesday, Indian Creeks and the second Friday, Montbello and the third Mar Lee on Monday. The fourth most affordable neighborhood in scope is Ruby Hill. The average home sale price was $308,958. The 2016 median income is $43,312vs. $61,105 for Denver as a whole. There are several schools in the area, all ranked well. Godsman Elementary and Scmitt Elementary received high marks, as did Strive Prep-Ruby Hill and Strive Prep-Federal, the last two are just outside the area. The Mar Lee is also heavily Hispanic, at almost 60% of the area. The percentage who do not speak English well or at all is a staggering 20.2% vs. 6.2% for Denver as a whole. Finally, the Ruby Hill neighborhood has a higher poverty rate than the city of Denver, 18.6% vs. 13.7%. Violent crimes dropped a startling 42% from 2016 to 2017. The overall rate, however, remained around average for Denver.