The Denver Housing Market Much Like Tonight’s Fireworks Looks Like It Is Beginning To Burst
Thu Jul 04 2019

Happy Fourth of July everyone, the Denver housing market much like tonight’s fireworks looks like ...

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Existing home sales are recovering and are now above last year's levels for July 2019
Mon Jul 01 2019

Existing home sales nationwide were up 0.9% year over year in the past month. Existing home sales ...

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New Home Sales Tumbled in April ’19, While Home Prices Surge
Fri May 24 2019

Forecasters were expecting new home sales to fall 2.5% month ...

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Housing Inventory Hits ’19 High, But Single-Family Sold Home Price Hits Record of $553,371. Should Bears Give Up?
Mon May 13 2019

Only one word to describe the April ’19 DMAR housing stats: Up. Month over month, prices in the De ...

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April Rents Increase Continues to Outpace Rest of Nation, Metro Denver Desperately Needs More Housing Supply
Wed May 01 2019

Metro Denver rents have increased 0.2% month over month and 2% year over year. Metro Denver rents ...

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Will Rising Gasoline Prices Be The Nail That Pops The Denver Real Estate Bubble?
Mon Apr 01 2019

Early spring and summer are usually a season of rising prices for gasoline. However, this season h ...

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